Introducing Copper Tulip with Coppercraft Genever

Coppercraft Distillery in Holland, Michigan has partnered with Tulip Time, the Dezwaan Windmill and local farms to produce its very own authentic Dutch-style gin, called Coppercraft Genever. This new spirit is the featured ingredient in the “Copper Tulip”, the Official Cocktail of 2015 Tulip Time. Stay tuned for an official list of Holland area restaurants and taverns who will be serving the exciting new cocktail.

The Copper Tulip Cocktail Recipe

The Copper Tulip is the official cocktail of Tulip Time 2015. It features Coppercraft Genever, the newest distilled spirit from Coppercraft Distillery. Genever is distilled from locally sourced soft white winter wheat and was ground in the DeZwaan windmill, now in it’s 50th year in Holland. Enjoy The Copper Tulip throughout Holland during Tulip Time.